Face Food Mineral Mist

  • This luxurious face toner mist keeps your skin healthy and fresh by providing a deep hydration. The unscented formula contains the following essential minerals for the health of your skin that are absorbed into its sub-vascular layer:

    Cooper: Intervenes in the production of collagen and elastin, the protein responsible for the structural integrity of the skin and the elasticity of blood vessels.

    Silver: Penetrates skin cells to kill bacteria and to neutralize the harmful effects of sodium-fluoride found in the drinking water, the same with which you wash your face.

    Zinc: Decreases inflammation by stopping the chronic bacterial infection that produces red and blotchy face.

    Photo: 100 ml size

  • Purified water (aqua), ionic copper (cuprum), ionic zinc (zinc), ionic silver (argentum.)

  • Daily: Spray directly onto cleansed face. Mist after you apply your favourite moisturizer, oil or serum to get extra absorption and hydration.

    As a toner: Dampen a cotton pad and spread across your whole face.

    Men: You can use daily as an aftershave to help kill germs that cause acne. It is alcohol-free and won't sting after you shave your face.

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