Seaweed Body Gel

  • Nutrient-rich, certified organic seaweeds are blended with light, emollient fatty acids to create this nourishing and hydrating body gel. It has the highest concentration of seaweed nutrients in any of Seaflora's body products, over 80% seaweed. Vitamins and minerals from the seaweed absorb quickly into the skin to relieve dryness and improve the appearance of skin firmness, helping to minimize the look of cellulite.

    250 ml / 8 oz

  • Certified organic Rhodophyta which contains a high level of beta-carotene.

    Certified organic Chlorophyta refines pores.

    Chlorophyll detoxifies and protects skin.

  • Apply generously to clean, dry skin and massage until absorbed. Recommended for all skin types.

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